10 Health and Fitness Podcasts That Will Change Your Life

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave (or maybe in the gym) for the last while, you’ll know that podcasts are a great way to pass time in traffic, waiting in a queue, or as an alternative to staring at the TV. But something you may not have noticed is that they can actually be a source of education.


When it comes to health and fitness, we always need a little source of inspiration. Something that can edify, as well as push us to take that first step on the road to a healthier lifestyle. There are so many health, fitness and mindfulness podcasts out there to choose from, so we thought we’d narrow them down for you to some of our favorites (in no specific order).

10 Life-Changing Health and Fitness Podcasts You Won’t Want To Miss#1) The Fat-Burning Man

The name speaks for itself. Abel James takes you on a body transformation journey with each cast. He’ll teach you how he lost 20 pounds in 40 days with his Wild Diet – a must for all Paleo lovers.


#2) Bulletproof Radio

Are we sure you’ve heard about the craze of fusing coffee and butter? While Dave Asprey introduced Bulletproof coffee to the world, his Podcast goes way beyond the fusion of java and fatty spread. If you’re not a fan of his coffee you should still definitely give him another chance if you want to learn something new about nutrition.


#3) Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll’s story is an aspiring fitness junkie’s dream come true. He went from being an overweight couch potato to a vegan ultramarathoner. And all this after he turned 40! His podcast isn’t about that story, though, it’s rather a collection of other athletes telling their own anecdotes on how to keep healthy and look amazing.


#4) No Meat Athlete

Matt Frazier is hailed as the leader in non-carnivorous health. His herbivorous tidbits show listeners how to live the life of an ultramarathoner without a single bite of steak. But don’t worry, if you hate the sound of no more meat, ever, Frazier has guidance for all lovers of fitness, no matter if you’re a pescetarian or a freegan.


#5) Nutrition Diva

This Podcast by the Nutrition Diva herself, Monica Reinagel, is well-researched, to-the-point and less than 10 minutes a pop. She waxes lyrical on topics we all think about but are too lazy to find out more about. Reinagel’s casts are too quick and easy to shrug off.


#6) Barbell Shrugged

Want to improve your form, strength, and endurance without opening a YouTube video? Barbell Shrugged is the perfect place for Crossfit athletes. It’s a fitness and nutrition podcast that provides training programs by some of the top Crossfit athletes and coaches. If you’re up for some light reading, check out the website for some helpful (and free) downloadable e-books


#7) TEDTalks Health

If you haven’t watched a TEDTalk yet, we think that it’s about time you started. The topics covered are genuinely thought-provoking and if nothing less, will make you a great conversationalist. This Podcast covers all TEDTalks on health and nutrition and is definitely worthy of the slogan “ideas worth spreading.”


#8) The School of Greatness

As the title suggests, The School of Greatness is your next best tool for improving your life. Former pro football player and world record holder, Lewis Howes, will guide you on your path to forming healthy habits. He gathers nuggets of wisdom from athletes and celebrities, as well as influential business minds.


#9) Ben Greenfield Fitness

Ben Greenfield is a nutritionist, triathlete and free-weight fundi who will show you how to shred pounds in alternative and entertaining ways. This Podcast includes all things fitness, from cycling to Ironman, from swimming to Crossfit. You can check out all the episodes or listen to whatever interests you the most.


#10) The Model Health Show

Now here’s nutrition from a wittier angle. Author and nutritionist, Shawn Stevenson, takes the more serious topics like chronic fatigue and heart disease and spins them in a light, easy-to-understand way. Whether you can’t focus or find it hard to sleep, Stevenson will help you out.


And 2 Bonus PodCasts worth giving a listen…

It was only a matter of time before I started to co-produce my own podcasts. Earlier this year I launched Happiness Simplified and 22 For Life. They’re a labor of love and feel I’m learning so much as I go. Check them out and let me know if any of the subjects or themes resonate with you.

#11) Happiness Simplified

Happiness is a feeling – a state of being – we know it when we have it and we know it when we don’t. In their off the cuff conversations, Dr. Kayvon K and Dai “Coach Moose” Manuel explore a range of topics on life, relationships, entrepreneurship, family and everything that makes living awesome… nothing is off limits as these 2 dudes strive to better understand the human condition and WHY we do the things we do. It’s simple really, but simple doesn’t mean easy… Join the conversation and welcome to the making of ‘Happiness Simplified’.


#12) 22 For Life

Spencer Coppin, Adam Hart, and Dai Manuel are 3 busy dads who over 50 years of combined experience in functional medicine, nutritional optimization and physical and mental peak performance mentoring. Now you too have access to today’s most cutting-edge tools, tips, and tricks to live more superhuman at work, home or play! 22 For Life delivers quick and easy to digest powerhouse episodes in collaboration with some of the world’s most brilliant minds, high performing athletes and real-life super humans, so each of us can learn what it takes to lead the most amazing life possible – all this and more in weekly 22 minute conversations!


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