3 Sure Fire Ways to Elevate Your Season

Life is busy. I get that.

At times, I feel incredibly overwhelmed by the million-and-one directions I’m being yanked, prodded and pulled. Between family, work, and the pursuit of my personal passions… well, it’s a wonder no one has invented the 48 hour day!

How do you elevate your season?

When Bulletproof 360 (originators of the real Bulletproof Coffee recipe) asked me how do I “elevate my season“, I had to really think about it.

They challenged me to look at my life a little bit differently. When I think about the act of elevating anything and everything in my life, I’ve realized it’s not a short-term, every-once-in-a-while thing. It’s a 24/7 commitment to self-improvement in all areas of my life.

Bottomline, we can always improve.

We can always get better.

We can always strive for that je ne sais quoi… and in the process, impact not only ourselves but also inspire those around us to follow our example. But it takes more than a simple choice, it’s daily choices put into action — a ritual of constant measurable improvement.

And in my case, a personal Whole Life Fitness Manifesto.

If I had to break it down into a few MUST DO steps for continuous self-improvement, it would be the following…

3 Sure Fire Ways to Elevate Your Seasons of LifeStep 1. Create, and LIVE by, your personal manifesto

A number of years ago I wrote a personal manifesto. This became the foundation, and inspiration, for publishing my book, The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto. A manifesto is a document wherein a person, government, or organization outlines their intentions, motivations, and/or views. At the crux of it, a manifesto often declares publicly, ‘THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE‘.

The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto
The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto… simple ideas worth living.

My creed is a simple, straightforward belief system for living my life. Even before I put it to paper, these daily actions began to manifest themselves in my life and the lives of those I was coaching. As I became more mindful of them, I realized they were more like milestone markers along a path to creating the life I wanted. A happy, fulfilled life was not a distant goal, but rather an ongoing goal I can live each day.

Do any of these resonate with you? If so, I invite you to join the tribe.2.  Invest 30 minutes a day into Developing YOU

This is non-negotiable! Take 2% of every 24 hours – that’s just 30 minutes of your day – and invest it into YOU. 

You matter! And to be the best parent, partner, co-worker, boss, volunteer… aka Best Version of You, a daily investment strategy needs to be committed to, and executed daily.


My personal 2% routine involves 15 minutes of movement with purpose, 5 minutes of mindfulness/meditation and 10 minutes of concentrated personal development. I look at it like flossing the teeth is to oral hygiene, but for this is whole life hygiene for a healthy body, mind, and spirit…

Need some inspiration, here’s how you can get my list of 99 workouts no equipment required.

3. Get SMARTer about your nutrition

Nutrition seems complicated. We’ve been hammered by low-cal this and no-fat that for too long. The word ‘diet’ has taken on a whole new meaning in the media and is often used as a synonym for ‘weight loss’ – when in fact it is simply a word to represent ‘how we nourish our bodies‘.

So what do we do? Well for starters, getting back to basics is key. Keep nutrition simple. Eat whole foods including lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts and lean proteins like beef; be mindful of what you’re eating (aka turn off the device at meal time), and drink more water. These simple steps are gold, Jerry!

Over 4 years ago I was hospitalized after I developed an infection that my body couldn’t fight… a couple bone-marrow biopsies later, they concluded I had autoimmune neutropenia.

As someone that lives with a chronic autoimmune disease, I had to make some big shifts in my diet 4 years ago. I needed to find a way to nourish myself well, meanwhile also paying close attention to inflammation in my body. I started to dabble with a few different ways of eating, ultimately settling on a hybrid model which follows the paleo and ketogenic eating plan. Funny enough, within months of making these subtle changes, I noticed some significant improvements in a few of my biomarkers, energy, and physical fitness. Bottomline, I was feeling great!


How does Bulletproof Coffee work into my Lifestyle?

For the past 4 years, my morning ritual has included a cup of Bulletproof Coffee. (I’ve included a recipe card below for easy printing)

Bulletproof Coffee is Upgraded Coffee blended with grass-fed unsalted butter (or Ghee), Brain Octane Oil and sometimes I include Upgraded Collagen protein as well. When we wake in the morning, we’re in a fasted state, and I use the Bulletproof Coffee recipe to kickstart my body into a state of ketosis.

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