How To Snack On The Fly With The Larabar Tasteful 8

You scan the aisles full of little boxes. A jingle loops through your brain… “Little boxes in the food store, little boxes filled with ticky tacky…”

My kids lose it over Larabar!

It’s a new year. You’re desperately working on a new you, yet everything you see is full of dyes, syrups, preservatives, gluten, dairy and soy, and that’s just for starters.

Still, your spirits lift as the jingle flows, promising something better, something healthier, something real.

But what if the little boxes, Were never made with any ticky tacky, But fruits, nuts and spices, Only real food all the same?

Your leg bounces to the tune in your head. Already you’re moving! Hope and a sense of well-being lead you to the simple promise LÄRABAR offers: “only real food” but in a simple, convenient, nutritious form.

As a lifestyle mentor, I’m often sent health, fitness and wellness products to try and then review. I have to say, it’s not often I see my kids lose it with excitement like they did when the Larabar shipment showed up.  

Our LÄRABAR ‘Tasteful 8′ Unboxing and…

Could this be what helps you become sharper, healthier and fitter without surrendering precious time, nutrition, energy or your active lifestyle? Could a simple bar—Larabar—be your path to improved fitness? Why is eating healthy on the go so hard?

Magazine surveys and scholarly studies agree. The busier we become, the less likely we are to make healthful food choices.

A study originally published in the American Journal of Health Behavior correlated work hours to quality of diet—particularly the unhealthy intake of bad saturated fats, sugars and highly processed foods versus high-value fruits and vegetables. What they discovered was that:

The prime barrier to healthful eating was a lack of time.Both men and women who worked—full-time or part time—suffered either from no food or too much of the wrong types of food.

Rushing, stress, having to know how to prepare meals and snacks, having time to do so, being able to fix something that actually tastes good and having time to eat it were all additional barriers for both sexes.

kids fighting over healthy snacks #larabar

10 Tips and Tricks for Eating Healthy (on the go and beyond)

As a health professional, I’m often asked, “What are some tips and tricks for eating healthy?” The adage ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ often comes to mind, so I’ve put together this quick list of 10 tips.

I love that my girls reach for a Larabar when they need a
I love that my girls reach for a Larabar when they need a ‘homework’ snack.

After all, the consequences of poor food choices threaten us with every affliction, from hypertension and heart disease to obesity and diabetes. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of succumbing, plan a nutrition strategy:

Select food before hangryness strikes. Know in advance what you’re going to eat.Pick something easy, neat and convenient. The threat of wearing messy food may spur you to eat something you shouldn’t instead.Make it tasty, satisfying and something that you enjoy. If you don’t like the taste or texture—crunchy versus chewy, for example—you won’t eat it.Schedule meals and snacks. Eat when it’s time but only when it’s time.Control portions, especially access to additional portions. Eating another, another and yet another rapidly racks up calories and sets the stage for daily repeats.Choose high-nutrient quality, minimally processed foods balanced in protein, carbohydrates and fiber for satisfaction and sustained energy.Keep em handy. Have healthful food choices readily accessible while traveling or off-site. It prevents temptation.Stick to what you planned.Stay hydrated. Make sure you’re hungry and not just thirsty.Sleep enough to feel rested. We all need varying amounts of rest, but lack of sleep causes cravings and increases hunger-causing cortisol.

As you can see, it’s all about what you like and what will work for you. If you’re not quite sure what that might be, take a look at LÄRABAR.


It’s a perfect form of nutrition on the go. It’s created especially for active people who understand that what they eat directly impacts what they’re capable of accomplishing in life. They know that food is fuel.

great ingredients makes great food

When we consume food dyes, syrups and preservatives, we do indeed “end up made of ticky tacky.” Over-processed additives leave us sluggish and foggy yet unsatisfied and still craving something more.

Instead, LÄRABAR founder Lara Merriken whipped up tasty bars and now bites that you can feel good about eating—and that make your body work and feel better too. Every bit is packed with yummy all-natural flavor yet has:

No artificial dyes, syrups or preservatives.No gluten and no cross-contact concerns.No soy or soy derivatives.No dairy. Even the chocolate chips are specially made and vegan.

More, you have non-GMO and vegan options, and everything is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. That means it contains exactly what it claims and only what it claims.

Does it taste good enough to eat?

First, every bar is sealed in a high-quality wrapper to keep it fresh, delicious and intact—no stale, smashed, broken bits and pieces. You can pack it in a briefcase or workout bag, and it will still be delicious.


Second, the range of flavors borders on decadent. There’s a taste and texture for every palate, from chocolate chip brownie or blueberry muffin to key lime pie or hazelnut, hemp and cacao. You can go organic with super-foods or opt for a crunchy nut and seed bar.

Last, look at a bar or bite, and you can see exactly what’s in it. A Coconut Cream Pie Original Fruit & Nut Bar, for example, has just five ingredients: unsweetened coconut, dates, almonds, cashews and—the new super-food healthy fat—extra virgin coconut oil.

larabar logoWhere can I buy (and save 25% off) LÄRABAR products?

If you’re intent on optimizing your health and well-being by choosing real food to fuel your active lifestyle, visit the LÄRABAR Hub on Amazon.

Now is the perfect time to experience the simple, healthful goodness of a LÄRABAR bar. Claim your path to fitness. Take advantage of this limited-time offer for quality nutrition on the go. With its real, simple ingredients, LÄRABAR is the perfect bar to fit into the “new year, new you season.”

Visit the LÄRABAR hub on Amazon for 25% off* of many of your favorite LÄRABAR varieties now through February 14. 

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This is what my box looks like once my kids get at it….

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